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Naomi Jade

Lead Producer

Naomi Jade is the Lead Producer for Kaisuo. When she's not making games, she's playing them. Some of her favorites include League of Legends, Witcher 3, and the Elder Scrolls series. Outside of gaming, she loves all things involving cats, food, and space.

Contact: naomijadeg121@gmail.com

Kenneth Chen


Kenneth is the Producer of Kaisuo. As a Business Administration major with a Game Entrepreneurism minor, he loves to tell people his degree in full to sound impressive. True to his business degree, he would like to mention that you can find him on linkedin at linkedin.com/in/kennethchen219/


Contact: kennchen219@gmail.com

Sara Chen


Sara Chen is the Producer for Kaisuo. She's a recent graduate from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Cinematic Arts. She loves cute things.

Contact: sarayche@usc.edu

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