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 Fact Sheet

Developer: Lantern Development Team

Location: Based in Los Angeles, CA



Social: @KaisuoGame on Twitter/Facebook

Release Date: TBD

Platforms: Oculus, Steam

Phone: +1(310)-467-9116

Pricing: Free

Availability: Digital Download

Content Description

Kaisuo is a virtual reality puzzle game that evokes wonder and curiosity as players use fine motor dexterity to solve enigmatic Chinese puzzle boxes that unlock surreal and extraordinary spaces.

Control and shape the world around you as you discover that things are not what they seem to be. Explore various puzzles and spaces that can only be realized through the medium of virtual reality. 


-Detailed environments inspired by the nostalgic Taiwanese town of Jiufen.

-Puzzles that will challenge and change the way you view the world.

-Puzzles that take full advantage of and can only be solved through the medium of VR.

-Fine motor skills bring new level of physicality to VR.

-Pull levers, undo latches, fit keys into locks, and discover secret compartments.


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Download .zip folder of these screenshots and more here:

Key Art/Logo

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Team Pictures

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Kaisuo was originally founded as an undergraduate student project named Lantern (now the name of the development team) at the University of Southern California. After successfully pitching to the USC faculty, Kaisuo was entered into the USC Advanced Games Project program to be developed using the university's resources over the school year. The game and team went on the be entered into the Bridge incubator program at USC after the school year ended. Since then, Kaisuo has been showcased at festivals and events including  the USC Games Expo and Indiecade @ E3. Currently, Kaisuo is available on the Oculus store since November 2018 with a pending release on Steam.  


Business Inquiries:​

Social: @KaisuoGame

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