Michael Duan

Lead Engineer

Michael Duan is the lead engineer for Kaisuo. While he does enjoy working on puzzle game mechanics for Kaisuo, his real passions lie in online competitive games. He held 4 top 500 accounts in Overwatch, achieved Global Elite in CS:GO, and climbed to Diamond I in League of Legends. Michael also occasionally enjoys going outside to snowboard and play with his dog Teddy.

Contact: michaesd@usc.edu

Noah Bukhari


Noah Bukhari is an engineer for Kaisuo. His favourite games are Half-Life 2, Metal Gear Solid V, and Breath of the Wild. He likes learning new things and long walks on the beach.


Contact: noahbukhari@gmail.com

Jason Hwang


Jason Hwang is an engineer for Kaisuo. He has a penchant for working in teams, especially when it involves playing or making video games. Current most played video games include Overwatch, League of Legends, and various mobile games. Other interests include music, food, technology, and browsing the internet for miscellaneous facts and knowledge.

Contact: hwangjas@usc.edu

Jesse Werner


Jesse Werner is an engineer for Kaisuo. His favorite games include The Witness, Final Fantasy XIV, and World of Warcraft. When not playing games you often find him tinkering with his extensive collection of three dimensional twisty puzzles.

Contact: jiwerner@usc.edu

Zijing Liu


Zijing Liu is an engineer for Kaisuo. He enjoys being challenged in games and in work. He is a pro in any type of simulation game but cannot survive for more than 5 minutes in any FPS game. He believes the game of the year in 2017 is Breath of the Wild!

Contact: zijingli@usc.edu

Sneha Patkar


Sneha is an engineer for Kaisuo. Some of her favorite games are Journey, Portal, and Oregon Trail. When’s she not developing games she loves dancing, traveling and contributing to entropy.


Contact: spatkar@usc.edu

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