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Valerie Lin

Creative Director

​Valerie Lin is the Game Director of Kaisuo. She enjoys building games holistically and will not rest until narrative dissonance in games has been utterly obliterated. Her interests outside of gaming include binge reading anything other than self-help books, listening to variations of jazz, and finding subtle literature and historical references in popular media.


Contact: linvaler@usc.edu

Eric Hsieh

Lead Designer

Eric Hsieh was trained as a programmer, but is also the Lead Designer of Kaisuo. His favorite game is The Witness, because he likes puzzles, minimalist depictions of nature, and purple prose read in a calm voice. 

Contact: eric.kf.hsieh@gmail.com

Anek (Nick) Baweja


Anek Baweja is a Designer for Kaisuo and resident bad boy of this group of tenacious youths. He enjoys incorrectly performing simple tutorial tasks in games, and cutting against the grain of a steak. He doesn't have a middle name but often tells people it's "creative" or "imagination".

Contact: abaweja@usc.edu

Tristan Bridge


Tristan Bridge is a designer for Kaisuo. He studies Interactive Media at USC with a minor in Video Game Programming. He enjoys making smoothies and seeks to one day find the parallel between the art of juice making and video game design.


Contact: tristanjamesbridge@gmail.com

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