Qingzhou (Steven) Tang

Lead Artist

Steven Tang is the Lead Artist for Kaisuo. He is still thinking about what to say on his bio.

Contact: qingzhot@usc.edu

Joey Tan

Concept Artist

Joey Tan is the concept artist for Kaisuo. She believes that interactive experiences can connect people in ways that no other forms of media can. 


Contact: joeyeeta@usc.edu

Cynthia Liang


Cynthia is the architect for Kaisuo. She has no experience in gaming, but likes the idea of creating new environments for people to be in. Her hobbies include taking photos and dreaming of traveling the world.


Contact: liangcs@usc.edu

Joule Han

3D Artist

Joule is a 3D Artist for Kaisuo.

Contact: joulehan.art@gmail.com

Rena Chen


Rena is an artist for Kaisuo and a Zelda fan.

Contact: renachen@usc.edu

Yimin Zhang

VFX Artist

Yimin is an VFX artist for Lantern. As an Animation major with minor in Game Programing, he aims to simulate the physical world aesthetics with digital technology, and amplify them with imagination and fantasy.

Contact: yiminzha@usc.edu

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